Tier 21 Set Bonuses and Gear

The new and (probably?) last raid of Legion, Antorus, brings with it new tier gear and set bonuses. This time around it's called Juggernaut Battlegear. Let's take a look at the strength of the set bonuses and what pieces you'll want to go for. Note: Information here is pulled from the PTR and is subject to change. I will update this post as needed.

Set Bonuses


  • Use Tier 20 4 set + Tier 21 2 set. See the gear section for which pieces to equip.
  • The Tier 20 4 set when combined with the Tier 21 set will be worth using until you can replace all of your Tier 20 with ~Mythic item level gear.
  • Use Renewed Fury, Warlord's Challenge, Booming Voice, and Anger Management at essentially all times.
  • Use Mannoroth's Bloodletting Manacles / Thundergod's Vigor and The Walls Fell at essentially all times. Mannoroth's will be extremely valuable on fights with high, consistent damage, where Thunderlord's will be best on fights that have consistent multi-target or come down to surviving burst (e.g. Maiden).

2 Set Bonus

T21 2P Bonus - While Battle Cry is active, the cooldown of Shield Slam is reduced by 100%.

This is of course subjective, but this is by far the most fun set bonus we've seen so far in Legion for Prot. The single-target burst this provides is pretty incredible. Not only is it great for DPS, it's a solid rage generation/survivability increase as well.

Firstly, your haste will dictate how many Shield Slams you can fit into Battle Cry. You're limited by the GCD since Shield Slam has no cooldown. The GCD is: 1.5 / (1 + haste%). So assuming you're getting a cast of Shield Slam off as Battle Cry is cast:
0% Haste - 1 + 5 / 1.5 = 4 casts
20% Haste - 1 + 5 / (1.5 / 1.2) = 5 casts
The breakpoint for 6 casts is at 50% haste. However, with proper gearing, you probably won't be seeing yourself hit that point. Also, the above assumes zero lag/delay. Realistically you'll need ~23% haste or so to fit 5 casts in. For the rest of this section, let's assume you have a moderate amount of haste and can comfortably fit 5 Shield Slam casts into Battle Cry.

Baseline, this provides 5 * 20 = 100 rage per Battle Cry. You'd still generate rage inside of Battle Cry without this set bonus though. An "average" case where you get 2 Shield Slams (1 reset via Devastator) and 1 Thunder Clap would generate 45 rage. In this case, the 2 set provides a 55 rage gain.

This bonus synergizes very well with Heavy Repercussions, and in particular, Anger Management. With Heavy Repercussions, a Battle Cry every minute provides you with an extra 5 seconds of Shield Block uptime. Not bad at all, but not that great either. Also, on fights where you would take Heavy Repercussions, you'll generally have more than enough Shield Block coverage as is, so with Anger Management is really where the 2 set bonus shines.

With moderate damage intake, Battle Cry has a ~25 second cooldown with Anger Management. With that extra 55 rage, that's an additional 55 / 10 = 5.5 seconds off Battle Cry's cooldown. That's 60 / 19.5 * 55 = ~169 extra rage every minute.

Let's throw Kakushan's into the mix as well. With 3 Kakushan's buffs per Battle Cry (having one going into BC, and then getting two more inside), and starting with our example without the 2 set: The 20% rage increase is being applied to our two Shield Slams and one Thunder Clap. (20 * 1.2 * 2) + (5 * 1.2) = 54 rage. That's an additional 9 rage. With 2 set: 3 * 20 * 1.2 + 2 * 20 = 112 rage. So, with Kakushan's that's an extra 58 rage per Battle Cry. Recalculating Battle Cry's cooldown (since we're still using AM): Without 2 set, instead of a 25 second CD, we'd be at a 25 - (9 / 10) = ~24 second CD. With 2 set, Battle Cry's CD gets brought down to 24 - (58 / 10) = ~18 seconds. With Kakushan's, we get 60 / 18 * 58 = ~193 rage per minute. Kakushan's provides a considerable rage generation increase when using Anger Management combined with the 2 set bonus.

Aaand while we're at it, we should consider Might of the Vrykul as well. In general (and this is simplifying a bit), half of your Battle Cry casts will be inside of Demoralizing Shout. I'll spare you with the math we already did above. It comes out to a ~12 second cooldown on Battle Cry and an extra 87 rage generated due to the 2 set. This is again simplifying (mainly because I don't want to overvalue it here), but let's say for 20 seconds we're generating rage with Battle Cry at an 12 second cooldown. The other 40 seconds are with Kakushan's and AM only. All in all, we get an extra (20 / 12 * 87) + (40 / 18 * 58) = ~274 rage per minute.

How does this compare to the Tier 20 2 set bonus?

On its own, and with Warlord's Challenge, the Tier 20 2 set provides 60 / 45 * 80 = ~107 rage per minute. With the Tier 20 4 set, Berserker Rage rage has a ~25 second cooldown. That's 60 / 25 * 80 = 192 rage per minute. The Tier 21 2 set on its own is quite a bit better than the Tier 20 2 + 4 set.

Finally, let's make this comparable to the the Tier 21 4 set just so we can see how powerful they are compared to each other. Fortunately, both bonuses can be expressed in terms of Ignore Pain. Taking our final value of 274 rage per minute, that's an extra ~4.5 Ignore Pains per minute. In terms of actual (effective) absorb (let's say we 55,000 AP and ignore any other bonuses to IP), that's 20.07 * 55,000 * 4.5 = 4,967,325 extra absorb per minute. This does undervalue it a bit because other bonuses to Ignore Pain will increase the extra absorb you get.

So, the Tier 21 2 set bonus is really good. Both for DPS and survivability. Get ready to spam that Ignore Pain button, because you're going to be generating a lot of rage.

4 Set Bonus

T21 4P Bonus - Blocking an attack increases the value of an existing Ignore Pain effect by (Attack power * 4). This can only occur once every 1 sec.

On the average fight where you're only tanking half the time, we can assume that with good Shield Block usage and decent haste, you'll block every melee attack. With moderate to high damage intake, Ignore Pain will generally have a ~50% uptime. Now, this does synergize with itself in the sense that it increases Ignore Pain uptime, which in turn allows you to get more procs. But a single proc is quite small, and you're not going to see massively increase Ignore Pain uptime due to it. As such, we'll still assume 50% Ignore Pain uptime.

So, per minute, you'll be tanking (and blocking) for 30 seconds. If the boss swings every 2 seconds, that's 15 hits blocked. If only half of those hits happen when Ignore Pain is up, that's 7.5 hits where the 4 set procs. Let's call it 8. That's 55,000 * 4 * 8 = 1,760,000 extra absorb per minute. Not that great. If you're tanking the whole time, it's 3,300,000 extra absorb per minute. At absolute best, where you're tanking the whole time and Ignore Pain has a 100% uptime (which would make any further survivability increase essentially useless), it's 6,600,000 extra absorb per minute. In scenarios where you'd actually benefit from the extra absorb, it's a pretty underwhelming set bonus.

During a decent sized trash pull in a dungeon, it's not uncommon to be meleed every second. And, you're tanking the whole time. If you block, say, 85% of the hits and Ignore Pain has a 50% uptime: 55,000 * 4 * 26 = 5,720,000 extra absorb per minute.

Overall, and even in best case scenarios, it's worse than the 2 set bonus. Not only that, unlike the 2 set, it does not provide the additional benefit of having your cooldowns further reduced via AM from the extra rage.

Tier 20 + 21?

With how underwhelming the Tier 21 4 set bonus is, let's see what combination of Tier 20 and 21 set bonuses is the best.

The Tier 20 2 and 4 set together generate ~192 rage as shown above. If we again express that in terms of Ignore Pain absorb: 20.07 * 55,000 * (192 / 60) = 3,532,320 extra absorb per minute. The 2 set on its own provides 20.07 * 55,000 * (107 / 60) = 1,968,532 extra absorb per minute. The actual increase from the Tier 20 4 set is 85 rage. 20.07 * 55,000 * (85 / 60) = 1,563,787.

Laying it all out (in extra absorb per minute):

Tier 20 2 set - 1,968,532
Tier 20 4 set - 1,563,787
Tier 21 2 set - 4,967,325 (actually more because we are not considering other increases to IP)
Tier 21 4 set - 1,760,000 (more in better situations)

The answer seems pretty obvious, right? You'd want Tier 20 2 set + Tier 21 4 set.
Nope, the Tier 21 4 set does not give you rage, and therefore does not contribute to reduced cooldowns via AM.

With another 192 rage per minute, that's another 192 / 10 = ~19 seconds off cooldowns per minute. In practice, this generally equates to about 1-2 additional seconds off our Battle Cry cooldown. Let's say baseline, without considering Tier 21 2 set yet, Battle Cry has a 23 second cooldown. Now, recalculating everything (with just MotV and not Kakushan's, since we won't actually be able to equip them with 6 tier pieces): (20 * 1.5 * 2) + (5 * 1.5) = 67.5 rage per Battle Cry without Tier 21 2 set. With 2 set, 5 * 20 * 1.5 = 150 rage. ~82 extra rage per Battle Cry. 23 - (68 - 45) / 10 = ~21 second CD on Battle Cry without 2 set. 21 - 82 / 10 = ~13 second cooldown on Battle Cry with 2 set. Assuming the same amount of Battle Cry inside Demoralizing shout as above: (20 / 13 * 82) + (40 / 17.5 * 55) = ~252 extra per minute. Add that to the 192 rage we get from Tier 20 4 set, and that's 444 rage per minute.

With 6 tier pieces equipped, that leaves us room for another legendary. Like...

The Walls Fell

Why The Walls Fell? Because Shield Slam generates an additional 2 rage with it (also our other options aren't that great). I think you can see where this is going.

Tier 20 4 Set + Tier 21 2 Set + MotV + TWF:

(20 * 1.5 * 2) + (5 * 1.5) + (2 * 2) = 71.5 rage in BC without 2 set. 26.5 extra rage over basline.
(20 * 1.5 * 5) + (2 * 5) = 160 rage with 2 set. 88.5 extra rage per Battle Cry.
23 - (26.5 / 10) = 20 second Battle Cry cooldown without Tier 21 2 set.
20 - (88.5 / 10) = 11 second Battle Cry cooldown with Tier 21 2 set.
With TWF added on to the baseline, we get a 16.5 second BC cooldown, with an extra 6 rage.
(20 / 11 * 88.5) + (40 / 16.5 * 61) = ~309 extra rage per minute.

With the Tier 20 4 set added, that's 501 rage per minute.

Or, ~7.7 extra IPs a minute, which is 8,499,645 absorb (again, this is undervalued). That's more than the Tier 21 2 + 4 set combined, and that includes Kakushan's.

Also, I was able to get Shield Wall on a ~55 second cooldown with the above setup.

In Conclusion

  • The Tier 21 2 set bonus is really good.
  • The Tier 21 4 set bonus is mediocre.
  • When combined, the Tier 20 4 set and Tier 21 2 set provide an insane amount of rage. With AM, you'll have extremely high uptime on your CDs.
  • Heavy Repercussions isn't even an option anymore. AM is just way too good because of all the synergy it has.
  • The Walls Fell synergizes extremely well with the Tier 21 2 set.

You'll most definitely want to have the Tier 20 4 set and Tier 21 2 set at the same time. For anything dangerous at all, The Walls Fell will be extremely valuable.

Vengeance loses value because you'll have so much rage to spend and you'll be casting Shield Slam constantly. Rage will constantly have to be put towards IP to avoid rage capping. You won't be able to consistently take advantage of the talent. I'd recommend going Booming Voice for essentially everything. More rage from BV also feeds into AM. This also means Soul of the Battlelord loses value as well.

Because Kakushan's can't be equipped, Thundergod's Vigor is going to be the go-to. Mannoroth's Bloodletting Manacles also lose value as you'll likely have a lot of overhealing. Essentially, you should run Thundergod's + The Walls Fell basically all the time.

Tier 21 Gear

Drop locations:

Antoran High Command - Back (Vers/Haste)
Eonar the Life-Binder - Chest (Mastery/Haste)
Imonar the Soulhunter - Legs (Crit/Vers)
Kin'garoth - Hands (Haste/Mastery)
The Coven of Shivarra - Shoulder (Mastery/Crit)
Aggramar - Head (Vers/Crit)

When going Tier 20 4 set + Tier 21 2 set, you'll want the Chest and Head for Tier 21 tier. This is mainly due to the fact that these two slots have the highest stat budget (along with legs). That way, with Tier 20 4 set pieces, you're losing item level in lower budget slots.

Everything considered, the optimal setup is the following:
Juggernaut Helm
Titanic Onslaught Pauldrons
Titanic Onslaught Cloak
Juggernaut Breastplate
Titanic Onslaught Handguards
Titanic Onslaught Greaves